Singing … et al …

The stage is our canvas,
we paint with our voices,
we blend and combine them
into masterpieces.
Happy faces drive us forward
and reassure us
that what we do,
we do with all our heart and devotion.

This is how the Slovenian vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile describes itself. And it is really impressive to listen as well as to watch how they do it.

Often when I discuss our SingingTouch workshops with potential clients, their first reaction tends to be: “I have no voice …” or even “I am really tone deaf”! The fact is, that the tone deafness is really a rear health condition, and in most cases people are simply afraid of their own voice.

Perpetual Jazzily sings on a professional level and what is particularly interesting in this well known song (Africa from Toto), is what they do on top of the singing. The way how they use their bodies and the stage clearly shows, that there can be other ways to participate in choir performances – probably everyone can clap hands, flip fingers or stomp their feet. This could be a way for those from our potential clients, who “don’t have voice”, to join their colleagues and participate in SingingTouch workshops. And often they can be positively surprised, when many of them “find their voice” when supported by co-workers and teammates. It is a great feeling and a lot of fun.