The Mastering of a Music City – by Music Canada

Recently, Music Canada President & CEO Graham Henderson introduced a research report The Mastering of a Music City, which summarizes steps recommended for cities over the world, to help develop their music economies. It is an interesting reading and definitely and important document, if it finds open ears in the places where decisions can be made.
What surprises me on the reports approach, is how commercial music is presented here as the most important and almost the only piece of the whole music ecosystem. This is the view of the music from the some decades ago, when everything was measured by sales of sound carriers. I remember those times as I had been part of the system as a musician and publisher, including a member of the national IFPI board. But music world has changed since then and there are more changes coming. Therefore I wonder, why to base such an important document on the mindset of yesteryear?

The emotion generated by a work of art, be it poetry, painting, or music, may be that tangible, unquestionable feeling of a broadening of the self. It is a feeling of fullness, borne from a mysterious rhythm, a kind of flight toward the infinite, lived as a sharing, an exchange, whose source is our interior world.

–Daisaku Ikeda–