Anemarie Cabri

Annemarie Cabri

Annemarie is a graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School starting her professional career with The Dutch National Ballet, Amsterdam, and later danced with the vibrant contemporary dance scene in Vancouver, BC. After 17 years directing her specialized dance school in Victoria, BC, Ms Cabri now lives in Toronto working in the education department of the National Ballet of Canada as well as guest teacher and facilitator in a wide variety of teaching environments for all ages and abilities. Ms Cabri is known for her work in what is known as Brain-compatible Dance Education.

Brain & Body BOOST coaching session

Move your body, feed your brain.
Research tells us that because of the brain’s plasticity it is more engaged when:

      • exercise is meaningful
      • stress is reduced
      • learning is new

A specialized movement session with Annemarie Cabri will do all three.

The Brain&Body Boost will lead you through a sequence of full-body exercises that wire and re-wire your central nervous system in a way that makes sense. While you gain strength and coordination, you will feel refreshed and ready for increased creative thinking. Movement becomes more easeful and stress is reduced. Accommodations for mobility needs are possible by learning a seated, standing, or floor method. Easily learnt this series of movements using a variety of stimuli and enriched by specifically chosen music, can be done at home or in the office.

Regain and retain your vitality!