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Mark Bird Stafford

If it’s 10,000.00 hrs. one may use as a bench mark well then Mark Bird Stafford is known as a well notched blues singer and harmonica player who has been doing this since knee high to a share cropper. Blues Revue (USA) labelled him a man with “Capitol T For Tone”. He shares his skills not only with his audiences on the stage but also with Blues In The School Programs, Adult Learning, Private Sessions and Vacations Experiences. We all want into the world of blues harmonica, drumming and singing! You might think that you don’t have a voice, Bird believes there is a way in and he is just the person to get there!

Harmonica is about Free Breath, that’s where we start.  Just breathing through the harp without any obstruction. Relaxed so that the reeds carry the tones around the room. In and out. Whether its simple melodies or gutsy blues notes there is no limit to this instrument. Where we start is known, where we go is uncertain!

Blues is about letting go and Mark has been recording and performing since the Eighties and on this path there has been many releases, festival and stage performances, TV and Feature Docs (CBC Shades of Blue), Grants (Federal – Live With Culture – working in at risk communities with his harmonica program) – Toronto District School Board – Adult Learning and more. Mark has travelled and played south of the Canadian Border into the USA and as far as Australia with his talents and there is plenty to share when it comes to music.

Try specialized Harmonica Session with Mark and learn how to better listen to your colleagues, or how to refine your collaboration skills.