When Orchestra Plays Mindfully

An interesting interview with the renowned Harvard psychology professor Ellen Langer on mindfulness, innovativeness and authenticity. Prof. Langer characterized mindfulness as the simple process of noticing new things. Noticing new things keeps us in the present, makes us sensitive to context and perspective and helps us being engaged … and authentic.
She described a research, where they had an orchestra playing their piece mindfully and also mindlessly. The result was that “when the pieces are played mindfully, the symphonic orchestra members not only enjoy what they are doing, but that mindfulness seems to leave its imprint on the product they produce. … So that you seem more attractive to other people, you are feeling better and more engaged and enjoying your work and the thing you are doing ends up prospering. So it is win-win-win!”

Our clients have an opportunity to experience the same impact on the final result/product, when they attend our MusicTouch workshop.

You can watch the interview here.

Leadership Workshop

Address Current Challenges in Organizations

There are a number of possibilities available to businesses and agencies for stimulating organizational development in response to changes in society and in the face of economic pressures. Why should you give special consideration to an “artistic intervention”?

This is an unconventional approach where people from the arts bring their talents, skills and tools into an organizations with the purpose of triggering or supporting change for the individual, group, or whole organization.

We partner with a number of highly professional Canadian orchestras and musicians and so, we can offer different qualities of music and rhythm to our clients.

Bringing people, processes, and products from an unfamiliar culture like that of the arts helps to stimulate personal or collective development in the workplace. It breaks routines and challenges established mindsets. This works for any type of organization, whether it be for-profit, non-profit, government or education.

Our workshops also help participating orchestras and local music charities. They are sponsored and financially supported either directly by our clients or by our own company.