What is Artistic intervention?

Artistic intervention links businesses with artists in order to stimulate innovative thinking, change and experimentation in enterprises or public bodies. Artistic intervention is an original form of guidance to organisations wishing to encourage creativity, self development, disruptive thinking, new interactions with a view to making their organisation more effective and productive, better equipped to confront challenges, inspired by increased solidarity and better working conditions.

What impact have Artistic interventions?

Artists are skilled in engaging people’s creativity and they can disrupt the established routines, mindsets and management processes, thereby opening space for fresh ways of thinking and acting. Working with artists can help organisations to re-assess themselves with new eyes and to question what they do, how they do it and why they do it. A particular competence of artists is in grappling productively with the uncertainty that is at the heart of innovation. People and teams at all levels in organisations need help in exploring the unknown so that good ideas are not killed off under the pressure to find quick fixes.

The engagement with artists can stimulate individuals and groups at emotional, physical and intellectual levels. The practice of Art creates opportunities for teams to work in different ways, introducing shared positive experiences within groups.

Artistic interventions do not only impact on the organisations. They also have positive impacts on the artist him/herself, as they help to develop new artistic methods and provide artists with additional work opportunities. They democratise access to culture and stimulate cultural participation. Artistic interventions draw on culture as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation.

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) from Artistic interventions?

To answer this question, we approached the leading researcher in the field of
artistic interventions, Prof. Dr. Ariane Berthoin Antal from the Berlin
Social Science Center in Germany. Here is her response:

A: My advice is to be very careful with promises of “measuring impact” and
getting into the ROI mode of selling. Artistic interventions are one among
multiple things affecting an organization at any point in time, so an
effect on measurable factors like absenteeism and sales can be
attributable to many factors, including the weather…. You might be lucky
to find a positive correlation sometimes, but that also means you have to
accept the negative result in a different case for which your artists had
no responsibility.

My sense is that if your potential clients want evidence in terms of hard
numbers, guarantees of certain results, they are probably not the right
clients. By nature artistic interventions are a step into the unknown. If
the project owner is not willing to take that step with you and the
artist, there will probably be difficulties. The willingness of the
leadership to take the learning risk is important because otherwise,
if/when the project does raise tricky issues and generate heat, the
leadership will probably back down or cover it up, rather than accompany
the process and ensure that follow up happens in the organization.

Do I need to be a musician or an artist to participate in your workshops?

Absolutely NOT! We have created our workshops so that everyone in your organization can participate. We use music as a tool that helps our clients to reach their goals, whether it is improved leadership, confidence, better team work, creativity, or reduced stress.

How much time do we need to plan for your workshops?

Our MusicTouch workshops are usually five-hours activity. We can deliver them either at our client’s premises or in a space suitable for our purpose. Here we recommend either the breathtaking St. Lawrence Hall in downtown, or The Toronto Centre For The Arts in North York.

The SingingTouch can be delivered in two different forms:

  • One-time workshop of approximately four hours, and at the end there is a short performance
  • Weekly or bi-weekly one-hour sessions either at lunch time or right after work, right at your workplace. After a certain time (usually 3+ months) we can organize or help our clients organize an event, where they can perform their songs. This could be a charity concert, performance for their family members, peers or business partners, celebration of reaching important milestones or an annual event.