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Why you should choose us

ARTISTIC Interventions Inc. offers music-based workshops and music sessions to help work teams and individual clients improve their performance, revive and develop their processes, foster better communication, build positive relationships and strengthen leadership, or simply enjoy music.

We do this through specialized and tailored artistic interventions – MusicTouchSingingTouch, and Music Coaching

Harmonica Workshop

Preview of our Harmonica Workshop focused on the team-building, with Mark Bird Stafford.

Dance Music Workshop

Preview of our Dance Music Workshop focused on the creative problem solving, with Jason DJ Shine Spanu.

Music Coaching Services

Would you like to improve your focus and attention at work, or boost your self-esteem by giving your brain a break and engage in music activity individually, or as a group?

ARTISTIC Interventions Inc. provides professional artistic services to the business community in Toronto and the GTA area. We serve our clients through the working week primarily at lunch times, and offer either one-on-one or group sessions. No prior experience is required.

Our goal is to inspire clients through the artistic, therapeutic, relaxing, rejuvenating and confidence boosting powers of music performance. Focusing on promoting work-life balance through musical performance and dance sessions to corporations and organizations, we provide fun and energizing outlets for people working in intensely demanding and competitive corporate environments.

We offer vocal and instrumental sessions, dance and body posture programs, listening and improvisation sessions, DJ’ing, digital music producing and mixing, speech and presentation coaching, and also the opportunity to form in-house choral and instrumental ensembles and more. In the sessions we use acoustic music instruments, as well as electronic instruments and music software. Our music coaches have years of professional experience on their instrument as well as in working with adult clients.

Some our clients have yearned for a long time to play a music instrument, to sing or dance and now have decided to fulfill their dream. Others had spent years in their childhood practicing and playing an instrument, and now seek an opportunity to get back the music passion of younger years. Still others want to try their own way producing music on computers and tablets, the same way as the current dance music is being produced.

Another group of clients want to change their energy level, when they feel stressed, exhausted, or demotivated at a workplace. Or as managers they feel a need to better know their co-workers, to improve overall work moral – and subsequently increase productivity. Others simply have a hard time after work to find a quiet minute they could dedicate to themselves. And there are some, who want to improve their presentation skills, to be better positioned in the workplace.

ARTISTIC Interventions Inc. Music Coaching Services program has been created to give Toronto business people the opportunity to enjoy active music making, whether an absolute beginner, or a seasoned performer, in a unique setting right at client’s workplace.

This allows participants:

      • One hour ‘time out’ session during working day – just get out of the office ‘grind’
      • Re-acquaint with the joy and fun of an active music making
      • Learn to sing or play a new instrument (piano, guitar, flute, violin, but also harmonica, fiddle, banjo, uilleann pipes, didgeridoo, GarageBand or Ableton …)
      • Explore various musical styles including jazz, classical, pop, rock, soul, hip hop, trance …
      • Discover work of DJs, producers, remix artists and electronic music performer
      • Work with and learn from professional music coaches of the highest standard
      • Take a dance or body posture session
      • Improve communication and presentation skills

Try our Music Coaching sessions and experience benefits which include:

      • Stress relief at work
      • Improved work focus
      • Heightened work moral
      • Increased employee motivation
      • Team-work and collaboration improvement
      • Lunch-time activity
      • Activated creativity
      • Higher energy levels
      • Increased productivity
      • Improved concentration
      • Office harmony
      • Reduced sick days
      • Boosted confidence
      • Better presentation skills


The mission of MusicTouch is twofold:

First, we provide top managers with unique management insights by using the metaphor of an orchestra and its conductor.

Second, by giving up to 50% of the revenue to the orchestra, this becomes an attractive source of income for the group plus a tax write-off for the client.

What can managers learn from music?
We often think of this as a one-way relationship – patrons supporting artists. This can be turned around to produce a powerful learning experience for managers as they draw valuable lessons from the ways that musicians communicate, lead, rehearse, collaborate, and perform – even the way they tune their instruments. This sensory- and experience-based training triggers insights for participants that are memorable – lingering long after the training event.

Approaching a MusicTouch session, a management team will likely come with a range of expectations – perhaps to be entertained for a day; joining in a jamming session; expecting a break from the strategy meeting. What they don’t expect is that they are going to experience an awakening of leadership and communication skills transferred to them through an encounter with music.

This is how MusicTouch flows. Management teams of 8 to 12 members visit an orchestra rehearsal. The team is given an introduction on the metaphor of music and then the people observe and experience the rehearsal. Then they reflect on how this setting relates to their functioning in their own working environment. Participants then assess the experience immediately afterwards and again about one month later.

MusicTouch is a collaboration with top Canadian orchestras, conductors and musicians. Sitting in on their rehearsals is always a very exclusive and unique experience. The focus and dedication of the musicians creates an unbelievable impression. From the moment the first note is played, it feels like you’re being taken on a space ride. One has to experience it in person to believe it. Here, music is the vehicle for learning.

Choir Leadership Workshop


The mission of SingingTouch is twofold:

First, we arrange for your employees’ choirs to rehearse and perform at your workplace on a regular weekly basis or, alternately, to rehearse and perform for a single special event. The choir and our specialists perform a wide range of music – Opera, Gospel, Rock and Musical Theatre. Our voice coaches help clients find their singing voice.

Second, we give a set percentage of the revenue to a music charity organization Sistema Toronto, which is an intensive social program providing free, ensemble-based music lessons to children at risk. These young ones then have a better chance of realizing their full potential as students, musicians, and citizens.

A choir rehearsal is simultaneously a team-building event, training session and a social function.

We offer weekly sessions that take only one hour (either at lunchtime or right after work) or it can be arranged as a one-time special, three- to four-hour session. Either way it is a low-cost group experience.

Singing in a choir means standing shoulder to shoulder with others, facing the same direction and being part of a joint endeavor. It creates powerful bonds between people. It conveys that individually we may seem ordinary but when we function together, we can make the most extraordinary sound. The whole experience is more about team work than it is about music. It’s about different types of people all pulling in one direction – harnessing individual skills and making them into a collective strength as they pursue a common goal.

Singing involves getting out of one’s comfort zone, focusing, listening. Performing is about overcoming fear, building confidence and engaging with an audience. All of these things are transferable to work activities.

People want to have fun. Many times they need to draw apart and become relaxed in order to then deliver their best service or work. A SingingTouch session can provide both fun and relaxation at the same time.

Enriching Organizations through Arts Based Learning

Our interactive events will bring new energy to your team. They create a memorable shared experience where your people will have relaxed fun and a corresponding reduction of stress. In this atmosphere, there can be an improvement in motivation, team spirit and dialogue—things that return a benefit to your business.


  • Leadership Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Real Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Leading-edge Innovation
  • Management of Change
  • Overall Organizational Development

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