We are branching out!

Great news! We are branching out.

After getting familiar with services Artistic Interventions Inc. offers to corporate clients, my wife insisted, that I have to focus also on individual clients.

It has taken me a while to figure it out. I didn’t want to confuse individual private customers with the corporate world. So after a lot of reading and researching and thinking, the idea was born. And it is not that complicated, although I don’t expect anything to be easy.

The whole idea came to me as I have been experiencing again and again, how many adult people in the corporate world are literally terrified when offered an opportunity to express themselves musically. Even those who had some previous music education became very hesitant, when asked for example, to sing their favourite tune, or to try a simple music instrument like harmonica.

This is when I realized, that although we have almost all recorded music available at our fingertips through services like Spotify. And that music has really become ubiquitous like water, as David Bowie predicted in 2002, and as David Kusek and Gerd Leonhard further described in their book/manifesto The Future of Music. But all of this is only passive music consumption. Music is like water and many consumers have learned to treat it the same way – as it didn’t have any real value.

So what is the idea I have been working on, you are asking? We are going to offer Mindful Music Making to individual clients. Instead of passive listening, our goal is to inspire and empower everyone who is interested, to actively start playing music. To receive all the benefits playing and instrument, or singing a song offers to a musician, without the pressure of building a stardom, or making a living. We want to attract everyone to do what our ancestors had done for thousands of years – to enjoy while participating on music making. To start musicking instead of using music only as a sound barrier – as a background noise.

We will do it online and offline, with a single person or in a group session. Our new venture is called MUSICABLY. A new website will come soon with all the additional information. Looking forward to meet you there.

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